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Monday, 31 December 2012

What I've been up to lately: 40k

Hi everyone,

As explained in this post, I'm powering up again for some Blog goodness.

So, what have I been up to lately in the 40k universe?

1. Building my Imperial Guard Drop Force:
I've been to all the latests tournaments using an Imperial Guard list. Now, I always depended on my good gaming buddy Francis for this.

So now I've picked up some Mantic Corporation dudes along with Pig Iron helmets, and will be getting the new puppetswar flyer when it comes out. 30€ Vendetta!
The army will pretty much resemble what I enjoy about 40k: lots of flyers and deep strikers, allied with a Legio Servae detachment. The latter is, for those of you who don't know, my DIY Chapter that has been played with multiple codicies, 75% using the Blood Angels codex.
My standard list would look something along:

 - Primaris Psyker
 - 5 Stormtroopers with 2 Plasma (Surprise: they Deep Strike)
 - Platoon: PCS with 2 Plasma, 2x Infantry Squads with Autocannons
 - 2x Veterans Squads with 3 Plasma
 - 3x Vendetta's
 - 2x Leman Russes (1 Ordinary, 1 Demolisher) --> Dust Tactics models, of course
 - Avenger Strike Fighter
Allies: CSM
 - Sorcerer in TDA
 - 2x 10-men Squads of Chaos Space Marines with Plasma & Autocannon
Fort.: DFLine, Comm Relay (!)

Now, be warned: this list is still in Flux. I'm really not sure e.g. about the veteran/infantry configuration or the lack of Artillery. That's all for another blog post.

2. Organising a bunch of stuff:
I'm quitely trying to get some things going in our gaming club. I've tried organising Beginner days and such, but damn you MTG! Never is there really a good moment.
Oh sure, I did some demos and such, but the 'big' event I was planning didn't really work out.
Furthermore, and that's the bigger news: I'll be holding a Tournament!
The rulespack's ready, but needs some playtesting.
The idea is 5 games, 500 pts, with plenty of breakes etc. to socialise & meet new people.
Additionally, this kind of thing has never been tried before here in Belgium, so...
In prep, a lot of guys at the club have been trying out a bunch of stuff, and they have to admit it's quite hard to make a really statisfying list.
But, on that, later this week.


Ps: Comments & Critisism always more than welcome!

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