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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

List Building - Help on Forums! Competitive IG List without spam... Or at least, not a lot

Hi guys,

If there's something about 40k I really like, it's list building. And because of that, I always like reading people's like, criteria for their list...
It's a like a sudoku or a puzzle to me, e.g. "make a competitive/fluffy/.. list with the following: Blood Angels, Death Company who have to be able to get into assault, fluffy."

It's a really cool way of directly helping people,  and it keeps me mind bussy!
So, normally, if this were a popular blog like 3++ or Fritz or Nick's blog, they'd ask people to send in there questions and ideas... But since I'm far away from that level, I post things on forums.

So, one of those ideas recently came from 'Tankage' on The Warmaster forum (http://thewarmaster.com/index.php)  run by Fritz (Way of Saim-Hann... Really? Oh c'mon go check check him out if you haven't already: http://www.fritz40k.com/).

Tankage's post went as follows:
Hi all, 
I have just got back into 40K after a very long absence and I am looking to put a guard list together. I preffer fluffy lists but dont want to lose every game, so here are the criteria: 
No non fluff spam - i.e. flyers (one or two maybe but not 9!), plasma (would be quite rare) etc
I like grenade launchers, sniper rifles etc as these seem more appropriate/likely.
Minimal vet units 
Must have CCS
I would also like a variety of specials to make it unpredictable/fun 
My modelling skills are currently very very rusty so basic kits rather than custom
Am i being unrealistic? Would appreciate guidance/recommendations on list/tactics?
So: IG, competitive, grenade launchers and snipers, no plasma, minimal vet units, minimal spam and unpredictable surprise units! Before I get on to my reply: there were some mentions about Penal Legion & Leman Russes being very good, so that's why I mention them as well.
Also, it wasn't exactly clear whether he ment CCS as in Company Command Squad or as in Close Combat Specialists. Anyhow, I stuck in both!

Here's what I came up with: