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Monday, 31 December 2012

What I've been up to lately: The Hobbit SBG

Hi Everyone,

Before I get into the meat of this post: The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey, I'd like to talk a bit about this:

It was logical for GW to release some sort of Hobbit expansion for Lord of The Rings Strategy Battle Game. But dear Emperor, what has GW done to SBG! Every little tactic you've build up is practically gone: spear support, bow support... Sad panda.
Additionally, prices went even higher: 30€ for 12 'Hunter Orcs'!!! When I started Lotr 7/8 years ago, you could get free stuff with magazines, and buy 24 of them for 17,5€!
And man, 100€ for a damn starter set? I started with a just released 50€ Mines of Moria.

I still have to get games in, but I certainly don't like what I've seen so far.

And just a little detail of frustration: no profiles in the small rulebook! The great thing about Lotr was that you had everything in that little book you needed to play games: scenarios, rules, profiles,...
I didn't have to buy a single expansion for my mordor army 'till 2008.

Now, you need the set for the models + the rulebook to use 'm. Compare 160€ to 50€ and you understand my frustration.

Now, onto the film itself.

What I've been up to lately: 40k

Hi everyone,

As explained in this post, I'm powering up again for some Blog goodness.

So, what have I been up to lately in the 40k universe?

Well, Let's Get Blogging Again

Hi Everyone,

This, is just a short post to say: *insert Mat Smith Doctor Who voice* "I'm back"

As you might've noticed, it's quite a while ago since my previous post.

To be fair, I quit blogging because of two reasons:
 1. Who would ever read this?!
 2. Damn, it takes quite some time

So I just stopped. But now, I've come to realise that both of that doesn't matter, as long as I have a medium through which I can express my wargaming ideas etc.

I used to do this on forums, but still, you can go to forums talking about your own ideas. Forums are generally about asking for help or giving somebody advice when that person asked for help.

So, now even more I want to talk about.

In fact, there's so much, I'll have to give you an overview spread over multiple posts.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go read 'em!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

40k Library Lists - The Full Force of the Inquisition (Part 1)

Welcome to Library Lists, a weekly part of my blog where I try to make a list that's entirely based around a fluffy background, but won't go flat on his face in a competitive environnement
In a nutshell: fluff first, competitive second!
So if you're looking for an army that appears to be taken right out of Dan Abnetts hands, just klick 'Library Lists' in the Index and look for something that meest your taste.

Today, everything is about the following idea: "When an Inquisitor calls upon an army, what army would that be, how would it look like,...?".
Well, we know an Inquisitor can basically call any army to the field, but where looking now for one that just screams 'Inquisition'. So no Space Marine Companies, Grey Knight Purifier Legions, 3Man Squads in Razorbacks,... We could try to use a Guard list or alike, but Grey Knights are just way more fitting.
So now I'll go over the different units, and why I think they fit the setting:

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Blood Angels @ 750pts

I was scooping around Beasts of War, and saw a topic about a new player asking what he should go with @ 750pts. So, I went digging deep inside my head and made up some lists that I'd like to play with.

Remember, these were meant for someone who didn't want to go Mech and wanted to get back into the game (so descent balance,..).

With those things in mind, what can we do? Well, from my point of view, these are some of the best options:

Thursday, 3 May 2012

June 2nd... Flyers!

Yes, Beasts of War have just previewed some amazing news, which they are going to show of this night... At their Turn 8 web program!

So without further ado:

That’s right guys… Tonight’s show is all about the new… wait for it… Space Marine Stormtalon… the Necron Doom & Night Scythes… plus the new Ork Biltza-BommerDakkajet and Burna-Bommer! and we expect these bad boys to hit the shelves, perhaps around June 2nd?

We’ll have a “look” at them in more detail and discuss some of the special rules you might expect for such awesome hardware!
Who would you want to be a Fighter Ace that shoots down enemy skimmers?
What if one could  shrug off Melta weapons?
Would you want a flier that turns up and strafes across enemy lines?
We'll discuss it all, tonight on Turn 8! 1

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Doubles Tournament 20th May

Yes, and me's teaming up with Francis' Guard. That means 1000points of pure pieplate & anti-tank kill for him (hydra's, lemons, vendetta's, vets in boxes,...), and for me... Well, there are two options.

1st: In-your-face stuff. So that's a lot of assault and sacrifice... Something I don't really like.
2nd: Bubble-wrap his tanks and play supportive... Back him up, protect him from enemy attacks.

I went for the 1st option, basically because that still allows me to play a bit like I like playing 40k: Guerilla Strike, that is. I can still make great use of DS, which is off course what I live for (really, if they dare to throw that away in 6th...)

Librarian (BL & UR) - 100

8 Death Company (2x Pfists) - 210
  Rhino - 50
AM's with Melta/PSword - 125
  HB Razorback - 20
AM's with Melta/PSword - 125
  HB Razorback - 20
DC Dreadnought with HF - 135
  Drop Pod - 35

VVets  (JPacks & Hammer) - 175

TOTAL = 1000

Saturday, 28 April 2012

'New Necrons'... Really, you didn't know?

Yes, the guys over at the GW blog 'were very surprised' when they saw the 'awesome new cool Necrons Models you can now Advance Order'.

That right, GW sent us all one of their new ways of announcing new stuff: a youtube video.

Here it is:

Because you can't comment on it as usual, I'll give my opinion a chance to spread itself here.
So, what do I think?

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What about the 41st millenium ?

I'm on holiday this week, skiing in Swiss, so that means I'll have lots of time thinking about what to write in my blog (damn lifts...). So, lets talk 40k.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Lord of the Rings: The Strategy Battle Game

Yep, that's where it all started. I saw the then just released Mines of Moraia boxed set, and as a true Tolkien fan*... Well, I was sold immediately.
Then I started to read every single hobby/tactica/house rule there was to find on the net.. Yes, I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Painting, however, wasn't something to boast about. I refused my first 50 miniatures to be even primed. I guess I just didn't understand why that was necessary.
But even then it was clear that Evil was something for me. Every single game we played, I wanted to play with the goblins. It just felt better that way.
But that was untill I finally decided what army to collect. Between brackets: for those of you who have never played the game (... where are you waiting for?), it's a common symptom for Tolkien fans to have no idea where to start. Really, ask any player of this game what his first  boxes were, and I garantee you he'll say: 'well, I started with a box of this, then I bought a box of Uruk-Hai, then a box of  dwarves, then some L.A. elves,...'

Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Fourth Era: A Start of Civilisation

The title might have told you, this is going to be a blog of epic proportions, telling you all about my experiences when it comes to Boardgaming, Roleplaying and especially Tabletop Wargaming.
So for those of you looking for political opinions: you're more likely going to find it by sticking your head in a dragons bottom (to stay on topic).
I'm not going to talk about myself a lot, but if you really want to know some stuff about me: there's a gadget (in your upper-left corner I believe) 'about myself', klick that and all your questions shall be answerd.

But why a blog about these things? Well, it just seems to me that all great minds in this community have a blog, Fritz 40k being of course the major one so far as I'm concerned. So I'd thought to follow these people in their pursuit of the ultimate tabletop experience and star my own.

But that's not all, as I'm one of those people who also likes to write tons of articles about his wargaming hobby. Now, my idea was to combine these articles in some kind of seasonal magazine, which I will place on this blog. But I also hope to use this blog as some kind of brainstorm-dropsite, where I can e.g. post a Warhammer 40k list I want to write an article about, to see what the reaction is.

So yes, whatever I post, please comment!

In the next post... An overview of all gaming systems I know and possibly have 'masterd' (to a certain degree).