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Friday, 6 April 2012

Lord of the Rings: The Strategy Battle Game

Yep, that's where it all started. I saw the then just released Mines of Moraia boxed set, and as a true Tolkien fan*... Well, I was sold immediately.
Then I started to read every single hobby/tactica/house rule there was to find on the net.. Yes, I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Painting, however, wasn't something to boast about. I refused my first 50 miniatures to be even primed. I guess I just didn't understand why that was necessary.
But even then it was clear that Evil was something for me. Every single game we played, I wanted to play with the goblins. It just felt better that way.
But that was untill I finally decided what army to collect. Between brackets: for those of you who have never played the game (... where are you waiting for?), it's a common symptom for Tolkien fans to have no idea where to start. Really, ask any player of this game what his first  boxes were, and I garantee you he'll say: 'well, I started with a box of this, then I bought a box of Uruk-Hai, then a box of  dwarves, then some L.A. elves,...'

So what was my army eventually: Mordor, right away... Oh gosh, I love Mordor! With all those wargs, trolls, orcs, nice heroes, nice paintjobs, lots of conversion possibilities... Yes!
Now, with Mordor I play a nice list of... Morannon orcs!!!
That's right, I played this guys even before they even got updated rules and new minis. Right away, when I decided to go mordor, I went Morannon Crazy, just for fluff-wise reason.
But when you play lotr, it seems normal that you have 2 armies: one Good, one Evil.
So, because I played Mordor, I of course wanted to have... Yes, Gondor. Later, I added some fiefdom forces as well, because they prove to be a great conversion army. And great on tabletop.
But before I'll give you an example of one of my lists, I have to tell you all about my view on this game:

First, so that's out of the way: I think it's a great ruleset! Allesio Cavatore, boy this was good!
Why? Well, imho it catches the spirit of Tolkien completely, which is very difficult (e.g. WHF is also a good fantasy game, but it's just to big and shiny). No, not only the models fit perfectly (e.g. the scale is just perfect), the game really represents fights as Tolkien would write them. No big fireballs and huge griffons carrying wizard castles on their heads, but heroic skirmishes in a forest, where couragous (but mortal) heroes fight evil orcs and darker creatures, one after another.

Second, I don't know about these things (above). For those of you who don't know where I'm talking about, GW recently released a new set of rules for Lotr SBG, making all the old stuff practically useless, and well... The warband rules just seem, odd. To me at least. Like GW is (surprisingly) trying to make us buy even more minis!?
So, untill somebody tells me that it's really worth to play with the new rules and that I have to get new scourcebooks... Well, LOME was fine enough for me.

Third, I love to play this game because it's very easy to make up your own rules! Wanna create your own orc hero? Well, take the basic profile of an orc captain = 45pts. Want to have him a bit more bulky and brutal (= 1 more S and D)? Ok, now he's 55 (45 + 2x5). Want him to have a bit more Might, and carry a shield, then he's 65... Easy, not ?
Same goes for making your own scenarios.. Gosh, i've made more scenarios then I've ever played SBG games. If you want an example, I've put one on The One Ring website (a great site btw for any of you lotr fans out there): http://www.one-ring.co.uk/kb.php?a=221.

But yes, right, let's talk about my own stuff, not my opinion.
Some examples of lists I would play with, to give you an idea of my tastes (note: these are LOME lists, no warbands here)

1 Imrahil ---------------------------------------- 135
14 Knights of Dol Amroth ------------------- 126
13 Men-at-Arms (Pikes) --------------------- 117
13 Rangers of Gondor (Spears) -----------  117
Total = 495, 41 Models, 33% Bows

This is one big block of death, one big formation that moves forward, shoots and kills. Alright, it's never gonna stay that way the whole game, but that's were you have to use your tactical abilities.
K K K K K K K I  K K K K K K K
    R R R  R R R R R R  R R R R
   I I  I   I I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  
Every line is about half an inch away from another, but knight, ranger and men-at-arms all stand in base contact. The entire formation is within Imrahils 'stand fast', all are rerolling all their dice because of Imrahils special rule , and the knights have a whopping 3 attacks at F4 and D6!

Well, that's all for I can think off now. But expect some pictures of my own work soon.



*Don't read: have seen the films a couple of times. No, I'm one of those who did his first book report about the hobbit and his second about the silmarillion. And then convinced his father to read 'm as well. Yes... All the start of a long fantasy-books addiction: Robin Hobb, Raymond E. Feist, Markus Heitz, Terry Goodkind, George R. Martin, Terry Pratchet and many, many more quickly followed...

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