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Saturday, 28 April 2012

'New Necrons'... Really, you didn't know?

Yes, the guys over at the GW blog 'were very surprised' when they saw the 'awesome new cool Necrons Models you can now Advance Order'.

That right, GW sent us all one of their new ways of announcing new stuff: a youtube video.

Here it is:

Because you can't comment on it as usual, I'll give my opinion a chance to spread itself here.
So, what do I think?

First of all, it's fun to say how GW are trying to change their video's, seeing them learn what's cool and what not. I mean, c'mon, this is getting better compared to what they did the previous months (when they suddenly realised not everyone looked at their website to see what's going on with the new releases). Until now, it was just, as BoW tends to put it: 'zooming in to pictures'. Alright, it's not PPress quality yet, but hey, now you can watch it longer than 1/2 minute without getting bored ('cause you already saw the same pics on warseer).

But what about the models ?

Let's say it: Why do they always wanna make bigger minis?! Alright, because little kids like big monsters and we like big minis due to the amount of options detail and centrepiece-effect. But this, and you have to agree with me on this one, is just getting ridiculous.

Take the Triarch Stalker: in rules, it's just a necron dreadnought, so I was expecting some walker kinda-thing (which would grant some nice conversion options due to the limits in walker-options we have now with GW). And what is it now: an Aracknoch Spider sprayed boltgun metal and a Command Barge lord on top of it!
No one is gonna use that model for what it is (except for some kids out there with 4 Marneus Calgars and to much pocket money)! Perhaps people will convert it to something nice for apoc, but that's it!

Now I know GW has been doing this for years now: making every model grow boldly bigger than no model has ever been before, but guys, this isn't wargaming anymore. It's putting up some detailed dinosaur toys and trying to play a game with it. Don't get me wrong, I love a big monster in an army, my WHF Chaos (when I ever get to get that one going) is gonna be converted deamons&dragons all around, but when basic troops are becoming hulk-size, things are getting awry.

Let's take the wraiths. Previously, they were just necrons with tails, now they're Dreadnoughts with tails! Now I know these models look way cooler than the previous ones (that is without question), it's just wrong from the general 40k army point of view. What I mean by that is: have any of you guys played with the idea of building a Wraithwing 'cron list? Yes, don't deny it, you probably have. But what stopped you? The models looked silly and were metal, so you waited 'till this release, BUT do you now see yourself playing that list with 18 of these models on the table? In something like a 1250 pts list ?
You're gonna be playing with 18 dreadnoughts with the statline of a genestealer/terminator. Sorry, but that's something for Tyranids, definately not for Necrons!
This is all without mentioning the fact that they're on 25mm bases! Putting these in a crater means they're getting a 4+ cover save from something that just covers  the tip of tails!
Bye realism, we don't need you anymore now, we're gonna play 40k.
Same goes IMO for the tombblades, who are the size of a warjack and have the unit type: bike. And talking about tombblades: I have to admit the models are good-looking  (almost all of the new ones are btw), but I have the strange feeling I've seen this 'design' somewhere else... perhaps someone can help me out here.

But enough of that, what about the rest of the models?
Well, I personally think that they made the only model that should have been a bit bigger, to small. I'm of course talking about the Illuminator. The Artwork shows us the mekboy of necrons, who made himself some nice legs, and we get a picture that fits into  a  lot of cool movies (dare I say it: star wars). But no, now he looks like being hit on the head with a very large hammer that squeezed him almost flat.
But hey, not to much complaining here, I'm glad their 'must have bigger models' thinggy didn't hit him (probably because they had to make it in finecast). People could have gotten hurt thanks to yet another miscast of their Huge Spiderman.

I'm not gonna spend letters on the ''new'' upgrade kits, it only takes me one sentence:
'How can we really let our customers pay the frak for our models, without having to make new kits?'

Zhandrek  & his sidekick have models now as well... And what do I think?
Well, who the feth designed those poses! Give me one sci-fi bodyguard who holds his weapon like that in battle and I show you a warrior who's aparantly more concernd with fashion that he's with the well-being of his master or even his own life.
And Zhandrek looks like he wants to copy the pose of a Rodain statue, while a little voice in his head is trying to tell him he has to lead an army in battle.

Well, that's it for me... Fire away those comments!



  1. Personally I don't see what this has to do with me getting a life... And my enemies? What do you mean by that?