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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What about the 41st millenium ?

I'm on holiday this week, skiing in Swiss, so that means I'll have lots of time thinking about what to write in my blog (damn lifts...). So, lets talk 40k.

How I Started.
When I went into 40k, I did it because of the competitive environment and the general love for sci-fi.
When it came to starting army, I was torn between some Chaotic and something more 'elite group of warriors on mission' idea. Because I already did some WHF chaos, I put it aside, and again, I wasn't sure of which codex to pick. The thing was: tau / marines? And guess what... I picked Space Marines (if grey knights were already released back then, I'd probably have gone with them).
But after playing some games, buying some models, I wasn't that sure anymore. Everyone, really everyone there, played Ultrasmurfs. But, I guess, that was thanks to me playing in a GW store. Since then, I quite dislike little kids who have a huge pile of  blue marines and have a dozen Marneus Calgars. This doesn't mean I'm against people who play Ultramarines,( if you like them, then that's your choice), I'm just one of those 'why not make your own chapter or colour scheme' person. So then, when Blood Angels started kickin' to life, I went with it. Why? Well, when you play  C:SM, everyone knows what you're up to and know how to deal with it. With Blood Angels, you just have a little more tricks up your sleeve.

My Chapter: The Legio Servae

Yes, that's my own DIY chaper, and yes, the call themselfs a Legio (the Munitorum doesn't however). You can be sure of it that this blog will be drowned in content about them (I think I've even got a seperate page for it). This will mostly deal with the background and colourschemes/heraldry. So, if you want to know why my army list entries have such strange and silly names,and why I dare to call them Legio, be sure to check it out.

My 'Playing Style': Guerilla Strike

I'm a huge Deep Strike fan. That basicly describes a good portion of how I like to play & field armies in 40k. I know that whether DS is a good or a bad thing, is a discussion on its own. But I think that by using DS you can control the battlefield in a way better way then when you're e.g. locked up in slow rhino's. But then again, people in my Gaming Club also talk about how lucky I am when it comes to DS scatter rolls, so it might just be a personal thing.
So what Guerilla Strike is and what I mean with it, will be coming in my next post, probably with some examples. This is just a playing style that currently exists in my head (although there could be people out there playing the same way and have given it another discription and/or name), so a lot has to be written about it. Read next post, and all will become clear

So Demands the Chapter,


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