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Thursday, 3 May 2012

June 2nd... Flyers!

Yes, Beasts of War have just previewed some amazing news, which they are going to show of this night... At their Turn 8 web program!

So without further ado:

That’s right guys… Tonight’s show is all about the new… wait for it… Space Marine Stormtalon… the Necron Doom & Night Scythes… plus the new Ork Biltza-BommerDakkajet and Burna-Bommer! and we expect these bad boys to hit the shelves, perhaps around June 2nd?

We’ll have a “look” at them in more detail and discuss some of the special rules you might expect for such awesome hardware!
Who would you want to be a Fighter Ace that shoots down enemy skimmers?
What if one could  shrug off Melta weapons?
Would you want a flier that turns up and strafes across enemy lines?
We'll discuss it all, tonight on Turn 8! 1


My opinon ?
What do you want me to say? I love flyers! For ones, I don't care about GW's 'make the biggest model' strategy. I'll probably won't be able to control myself to pick up that Stormtalon, unless they really feth it up of course.

And this all keeps us hoping for 6th Edition, doesn't it? The rumours that there will be a focus/rulesset concerning flyers in 6th suddenly seem logical. Personally, I also hope for that... This ridiculous fast skimmer thinggy just doesn't do it for some vehicles from a models/rules representation.

And what about all these rules BoW lists. Well, let's go over them:
  • Fighter Ace = Space Marine Vehicle
    • Anti-Melta = Ceremite Armour = Space Marine Vehicle
  • Flier that goes right across your enemy? Orks! Blitza-Bommer sounds reasonable: Blitzkrieg, get it?  This guy will probably get some kind of bombing run like attack... Apoc-style ruleset maybe.

Just wondering wheither the Marine vehicle will be C:SM only... I, as a BA player, would love to of course... From a rational wargaming point of view, I hope it'll be C:SM only, simply because this might put them a bit higher again.
I'm not saying C:SM isn't competitive anymore, no, it's just over & done with, meaning: everyone knows what's in that book and what tricks someone can pull out agains you (roughly). This could give them just another twist before 6th, AND make them better in that edition as well (if there's a focus on flyers, of course). Beat that GK's & Wolves... The Ultrasmurfs have a shiny toy as well!

We can take all of this even further: when there will be a focus on flyers in 6th, then this is obviously a way of getting all races a flyer. But who won't have a flyer then?
Eldar, Templars, Dark Angels, Tau,... All the races that we are expecting to be re-released in 6th!

Anyway, I'm probably getting a bit over-excited, but hey, we're talking about Flyers!

ps @GW: Please don't give this one to GK's, with all due respect, but don't they have enough shiny stuff already?

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