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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Doubles Tournament 20th May

Yes, and me's teaming up with Francis' Guard. That means 1000points of pure pieplate & anti-tank kill for him (hydra's, lemons, vendetta's, vets in boxes,...), and for me... Well, there are two options.

1st: In-your-face stuff. So that's a lot of assault and sacrifice... Something I don't really like.
2nd: Bubble-wrap his tanks and play supportive... Back him up, protect him from enemy attacks.

I went for the 1st option, basically because that still allows me to play a bit like I like playing 40k: Guerilla Strike, that is. I can still make great use of DS, which is off course what I live for (really, if they dare to throw that away in 6th...)

Librarian (BL & UR) - 100

8 Death Company (2x Pfists) - 210
  Rhino - 50
AM's with Melta/PSword - 125
  HB Razorback - 20
AM's with Melta/PSword - 125
  HB Razorback - 20
DC Dreadnought with HF - 135
  Drop Pod - 35

VVets  (JPacks & Hammer) - 175

TOTAL = 1000

Yes, that's right, no Sternies, Priests, Scouts,... Well you can't always play what you want in a Doubles (technically speaking, yes, but you get the point).

Now how do I plan on playing this?
Well, the Death Company move forward with the Libby (who'll grant them PrefEnemy of course when in combat), backed-up by his veterans with triple melta.
DC Dreadnought alfa-strikes and melta/flame or pops smoke. His job is to kill infantry support (yes, pesky Long Fangs, I'm talking about you) and well... Whatever else he ends up doing.
VVets do the same stuf, although I wouldn't mind taking a risk of getting them into combat with e.g. a psy-rifleman dreadnought.
The AM's are here for Saim-Hann purposes... Yes, the magic of turn 5, but with BA's. So they just keep silent most of the time. But in let's say, a KP mission, they still can do some good stuff thanks to the melta and PSword.

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